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"Great product for value and sells out in minutes every time! Loaded with all sorts of gemstones which I am yet to identify and packed with gold ranging in sizes. I purchased 2 bags of regular paydirt for a friend and myself. Instantly we were amazed how much colour was in our pans!! The more you dig the more it provides in gems and ... gold in each bag!!! This paydirt has us both hooked!! Can't wait till next release... thanks for the hours of joy and hope to be a long time customer for years to come."

Neil, Hoppers Crossing VIC, 29 Mar 18

"I must say those last two bags of pay dirt... WOWWEEE what an amazing range of gems, and ridiculous amount of gold, must thank you heaps for what you do. Keep it up man, I love your work"

Matt, Endevour Hills VIC, 27 Dec 17

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"Liz and I panned out the bag you kindly gave us on your last visit, and I can say with all honesty that it's the best paydirt I've ever seen offered in Australia. A fantastic amount of both fines and heavies that will test all levels of panners; and great to see that there is a good range of high SG gems amongst it. Keep up the good service John and may luck follow you around this season.....Cheers Wal"

posted by Wal nLiz; two of Australia's most popular and respected Prospectors on YouTube CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR CHANNEL

"Well shown John. From experience, pan these bags a few times, they really do keep giving Exceptional paydirt. Cheers ..."

posted by Mark Robinson

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Uploaded by Tony from Mt Barker in SA, 22 Oct 2016

Uploaded by Len from Kallangur in QLD 10 Oct 2016

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"I bought my first 200g of PAYDIRT in June 2017 and I missed out on the premium, so I made sure I was ready for the regular bag. I just wanted to see how it was, I can honestly say that the bag was well worth the price. I love the bag it comes in for starters... like a money bag for the bank I guess...then rather than pan it, I decided to just take a spoon full at a time and take my time to sort through it, Oh my god, I didn't expect so many Beautiful Crystals... then I realized there was just as many light purple Stones... that's Amethyst I'm sure, then a very small amount of red zircons, 1 or 2 blue and green sapphires...and then I searched for the GOLD!! Wow... there was gold in this BAG too... not going to disclose this, I don't want everyone buying these bags now, because I want to buy more. I decided to look at the paperwork that came with the bag, Diamonds??... HMM how can or would I know...Devils Dice?...I wonder if that's these very minute pieces of near perfect square rocks... oh I have to check my bag even further, who knows whats in there, maybe I will smash up some of the quartz too as there may be some extra hidden gems inside the stone... Thanks for the BAG and I'll be buying more this coming Saturday, I must try a bag of premium... regards...Claudio"

Claudio, Woonona NSW. 20 Jun 2017

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Pictures sent in by Davis of Maryborough QLD, 25 Apr 2016

'm a happy customer ..... I had classified the dirt though 2mm mesh before I panned off and only today got around to sorting through the screenings and found a nice picker (see attachment) so yes PAYDIRT does keep giving. You?ll notice another order from me this week. I?ve mentioned you on 2 prospecting forums that I contribute on and hopefully you?ll be seeing a swell in sales as a result. ..
best regards Robert.G"

Rob, Frankston VIC. 17 Apr 2016

"As an experienced panner I was greatly impressed with the way Paydirt is presented, and the contents immediately on opening visually deliver up to expectation with gems and crystals clearly visible. The gold content was of primary interest to me and here again PAYDIRT delivered to expectation. PAY DIRT is exactly as described in the product description - I found gold flakes and a picker however at this point, apart from amethyst, the gemstones are a mystery for me and I just might have scored a diamond for all I know. I will purchase PAYDIRT again."

Rob, Frankston VIC. 09 Apr 2016

"Hi John, got the pay-dirt yesterday . I went over to a couple of mates who are hardcore prospectors here in WA and they loved ya baggies. A lot of variety, great for novices ... noting some small gold visual (1 picker) and flats .... nice touch with the gems etc... I love it... very good and its something I would have for Prospector Park ... I will keep you in mind for anything in the future"

Simon - Prospector Park WA, 05 Apr 2016

"I throughly enjoyed the bags of paydirt. Really challenging and exciting to process. I would recommend them to everyone. Really interesting mineral in there as well, molybdonite I am told, and a few small blue sapphires... nice to have in the collection, as well lots of quartz crystals and little bits of amethyst.....And of course 2.81g of the yellow."

Mark, Mitchell ACT . 27 Jan 2016

"Thanks for the quick delivery of my paydirt. I was amazed at what I found. I panned it about 6 times and it was still giving gold from pickers to very fine gold. Just when I thought there wouldn't be anymore, I then put it through my blue bowl and guess what, there was more gold. Lucky I did or I would have thrown it away. Mate you are right, that dirt keeps on giving. I will certainly be purchasing more paydirt. Thanks again".

Ron, Petrie QLD. 12 Dec 2015