4.2 Ounce Specimen found in Queensland - 11 Oct 2020

Yesterday we received a message from one of our tuition recipients who told us he had just got 21 grams of Gold Nuggets from a small 20 metre area and was seeking further clarification on some of the information we taught him on his GPZ 7000 and how he could further apply that, as he was sure there was more gold, but due to undergrowth was finding it difficult to locate more targets. We advised that he trust in his machine and what he had been taught and to return to the location, apply that information very systematically and deliberately and try again. We just received the following message and photograph today (10th October 2020 )

"I went back, trusted the settings and OMG... thanks for your ongoing help"


"Spent a day with John recently to help me set up my 7000. A great learning curve helped make a noisy machine into a dream. I would highly recommend to any new prospector who wants to learn how to use and set up their machine... as well as training on how to use it. So much to learn but I feel I am now on the right track... including finding a difficult piece of gold in iron stone. Thanks John... I am sure we will keep in touch..."

Allen, Karalee QLD, July 2020 - METAL DETECTING TUITION - MINELAB GPZ 7000

"Spent the day at Hill End today with John and I must say what a learning curve that was... John's simplistic explanations without getting to technical about my GPZ 7000 and the effects and consequences of any changes I made to the settings was very informative... I'd hate to think how much I've missed. The other thing I realized is sometimes we get complacent with our detectors doing all the work rather then using it as a means to detect, a lot has to do with how your using the detector as John pointed out to me. For anyone wanting tuition or even fine tune your own experience I highly recommend giving John a call, it was worth every cent"

Spiros, Sydney NSW, Dec 2019 -

"I just finished a one on one metal detecting tuition with John.To say that John has great understanding of all aspects of detecting and the use of Minelab detectors is a massive understatement... his knowledge and experience shows with every part of the tuition even down to the passion in his voice. John covers every level of skill set from straight out newbie to the more competent operator. I truly believe with the skills and knowledge I obtained today I am ready to become a member of the 5% club. Once again mate thanks for the day and look forward to the great things you have in the pipeline"


"I've been a customer and student of John's for a few years now. From his great customer service, informative YouTube videos and his patient teaching style, I must say he is the complete package to help you find more gold and gems. Thanks to John, I've increased my knowledge and my finds. His paydirt products are great value and will keep your 'gold bug' alive when you are pushed for time and can't get out to the fields. I highly recommend Eureka Prospecting products and services"

Stuart, Paddington QLD, Jun 2019 -

"Just finished a great trip with John. He is an excellent teacher,
very patient and knowledgeable! We enjoyed the diversity of prospecting"

June, California USA, Apr 2019 -

"John's wealth of knowledge,patience & sense of humour make him an excellent instructor & a great companion out in the Bush. Our time together was invaluable in preparing me for my 3 month solo trip through the goldfields of Western Australia as well as the pleasures, & pitfalls, of detecting for gold. He even managed to help me overcome issues such as my metal knee replacements being picked up my the GPZ7000 (full harness, hip stick & detector on maximum extension) & my inability to keep the detector coil level because I only have sight in one eye (caravan levelling bubble stuck to my coil). Would recommend John to anyone looking for instruction on the GPZ7000 & if you are ever lucky enough, as I was, to get a chance to spend time in the Bush with him - grab the opportunity, you won't regret it. Good luck & Happy Prospecting John"

David from the UK, Jul 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG
"Hey John, from Steve, Paul, Frank and myself we'd like to say a massive thank you for the Tag-A-Long tour. The overall experience was great; from the gold finding to the sitting around the camp fire at night. We honestly felt like we were put on to some fantastic gold areas with an excellent chance of finding gold and we still can't get over how practically every target was gold. I know my prospecting has improved leaps and bounds... after the tuition you gave and I feel I now have such a better chance of finding gold and also a greater understanding of my machine and gold prospecting in general.
Really looking forward to meeting up again in the not to distant future and doing some prospecting together. Regards..."

Mitchell - Mount Keira NSW - Jul 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"Hi John... I want to share a few comments about the time we had with you recently on the tour....

Perhaps the thing I appreciated the most was your attitude to my questions about gold and using my detector. You always had an answer than was based on prior experience or knowledge. The tour started with your diagram on the variables about detecting: what we can control and not control. This really put things in perspective for me, as well your strong moral standing on the care for the environment as we engage in detecting... I found your encyclopedia knowledge of detecting and strategies to hone in on gold patches invaluable. You analysed my technique and gave some useful hints. I also learned a great deal about the way to maximize my finds when I locate a nugget. The instructions and demonstration on chaining have been rewarding for me too. Your meticulous technique should find most of gold in the vicinity. Lending me your massive chain (instead of using the tiny chain I had) resulted in a couple of extra finds.

Your positive encouragement and assistance with reading the ground was beneficial for my patch finding efforts. Patience, determination and a systematic, meticulous approach was not only encouraged by you but also demonstrated by you in during the week. You talked the talk and walked the walk. My confidence in my ability grew as I continued to find nuggets of various sizes. Another thing you taught me was the way to use the existing mining and Tengraph data combined with Google Earth to identify likely 40E locations. This will be very valuable in planning my future personal prospecting visits in the West.... I will not forget the nightly camp de-brief after dinner, around the open fire and under the beaming stars. We covered lots of topics and planned our attack for the next day. Your knowledge of the terrain and flexibility in meeting our requests was much appreciated. Im really pleased that I joined you on the Private Tag A Long and hope that I might run across you on the track sometime in the future. Good luck with your personal prospecting and Eureka Prospecting business. Kind regards"

Harry - Hamlyn Heights, VIC - Jun 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"Hi John. Thank you for a fantastic trip. We learnt so much over that weekend and are looking forward to using that new knowledge over the coming years.
Unbelievable that we found so much gold on our first attempt, you've definitely ignited the gold fever. We also very much enjoyed your company, for Steve in particular, that was a real highlight. Cheers..."

Helen - Lanford, WA - Jun 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"The wife and l went on a 3 day Tag-A-Long out the back of Meekatharra.
We met John at the caravan park, signed paperwork and the next day we went field. We had never been prospecting before... we got to the area and set up camp...

John took us through some tuition to help us understand how to operate the detector, how to read the ground and distinguish the sounds of the detector when it hits a target... l strongly recommend that you listen to John when he explains on how to prospect... the information relayed and the diagram he used is second to none... John is a very friendly and willing person... any questions, John has no hesitations to help and answer to the best of his knowledge...

Our first time prospecting we went out not expecting to find anything except bullets... then we got our first hit... a nice little piece of gold, another, and another... we ended up with a few little nuggets... pretty good for a couple of novices...

Thanks very much John for a fun and rewarding Tag-A-Long. Helen and l would strongly recommend anyone to book a trip with John. Regards..."

Steve - Lanford, WA - Jun 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"A great experience in many ways is exactly what I told others. I could spend an hour mentioning of all the positives and no negatives whatsoever. All of this centered around the one factor; John himself. Hopefully from my point of view we cross paths again. Cheers"

Peter - Leopold, VIC - Jun 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"Hi John... We just wanted to say thanks for the great three days we spent with you. We loved it all from the tuition to the evening campfire sessions. We were really impressed with your knowledge of the SDC 2300 as well as working through the complex systems of how and where to find gold in Western Australia. Not only did we go home with gold but with a great experience and an immense amount of knowledge. By doing the 3 days tuition we believe we trimmed off hours and hours of trial and error on our own; so well worth the cost of the tuition if you want to start finding gold quickly. We highly recommend John's Tag Along Tour to anyone interested in learning the intricacies of gold detecting. All the best for the remainder of your WA gold season. Hope you strike it rich. Cheers..."

Ronnie and Mark - Gooseberry Hill, WA - Jun 2018 - WA TAG-A-LONG

"Today I met up with John for a day of tuition on how to prospect for alluvial gold. We drove to a spot John picked out for the day's teaching... straight away John's 30 plus years of gold prospecting just blew me away... the depth of knowledge he has on finding gold is priceless ! John is a top bloke who knows his craft! I learned so much today and I am thankful for his professionalism and patience. I drove out of there happy to have gained more insight to my prospecting journey and some gold in my pocket too... Thanks John, you legend, look forward to catching up again in the future..."


"I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with John on a day's tuition in the hills of NSW, crevicing and panning. Wow what an informative and interesting day; the knowledge and experience that John has gained over the years, and passes on, is invaluable. I learnt so much, including how to read the creek bed and where to look so as not to be wasting time... "maximum gain for least amount of work" ... and then to see those nice pickers raise their heads in the corner of my pan just topped off a very enjoyable day. I would recommend John's tuition to anybody wanting to learn correct techniques to make their prospecting a much more enjoyable and productive experience... thanks again John, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mick, Kingaroy QLD, Feb 2018

"After a year or so of detecting relics and very little gold with a GPX 5000, SDC 2300 and Garrett AT PRO, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a GPZ 7000 as I wanted every future swing of the detector to have the best chance of a golden prize. After a day on my own in the goldfield I managed to find a lot of lead and thought I had done OK, though I really needed a day of training to get up to speed on this capable machine... then by chance I stumbled upon John's Eureka Prospecting website. I had a quick browse and noticed he did training / tuition in the Warwick area, a quick message to him was followed up by a prompt reply and we had a day booked. The day started out with John talking about things I hadn't even really thought of before all directly related to detecting; his prior military teaching experience was evident as I easily understood the principles or variables that go with detecting. We then went through the GPZ 7000 functions and settings and he demonstrated how easily a small target can be overlooked he then tweaked some of the settings and immediately heard the difference. We spent the rest of the day locating targets and learning to tell the difference in tones. I left that day feeling confident in myself and the machine. I returned a week later to find a tiny 0.2g nugget at over 4 inches in char-coaled soil and later nailed a 2 grammer at over 8 inches in heavily raked and detected ground. Luck ?... maybe, but I utilized what I learned and came away with some colour... sweet, sweet colour. I would most definitely recommend John at Eureka Prospecting to teach anyone how to get the most from your Minelab machine. His experience is worth many times the cost of the tuition, I am very happy with the outcome of my investment.... "


"Just had a fantastic half day training session with John for our GPZ 7000 and SDC 2300. He was thorough and very easy to understand. The training was relevant to our machines and it was obvious he is competent in all aspects of the equipment. Training is obviously his passion! He left us feeling confident & competent in the use of our equipment. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John to anybody, whether they be new prospectors or someone that has become frustrated and just wants to hone their skills. We really appreciate you making the time to help us achieve our goals, John. Worth every cent, your expertise is priceless. We hope to catch up again in the future and look forward to maybe even doing a Tagalong tour with you. Many thanks."

Tony & Penny, Booral QLD, Jun 2017 - METAL DETECTING TUITION - GPZ700 & SDC2300

"I was an absolute newbie at Gold panning. Having gained interest from the gold mining shows on TV I was intrigued to see how it was really done in out in the creeks, so I booked an advanced Gold Panning Lesson with Eureka Prospecting which is just 2 hrs north of Brisbane. I met up with John who took me to a creek that the Old Timers had previously worked... John showed me the technique and within 20 minutes I was able to practice 2 pans by using some cut up lead bits mixed with creek gravel. My 3rd pan I was able to use Johns "Paydirt" bag which produced my first ever result ???? Gold Gold Gold boo yeah ! So then John was able to walk and talk me through the creek explaining how gold travels and where it rests which was really interesting, we selected an area, picked up some dirt, washed and rinsed and panned some more. My final pan yielded a result which I was really happy with, and finished up the day with a billy tea and beautiful damper bread. Thanks to John for the history/physics/geology/technique lesson and demonstrating how to gold pan correctly, I now have a small degree of confidence with it and I'll be buying a gold panning kit, practicing lots and then venture out somewhere. Gold Fever is so catching when you see actual gold for the first time, beautiful stuff, highly recommend the experience. Kind regards "


"Your crevice tool set is a Godsend... Using your techniques (including brush) in dry desert works aces! Thank you"

Casey, Arizona, USA. Mar 2016 - HAND TOOLS

"For months I've trying to get downloaded Tengraph leases onto my HN7. It can be done. Being a bit or a lot technology challenged I finally gave up and contacted a chap who is a bit of a whizz with the Hema. He can do it for you for a small charge and I thought it was money well spent.
So for those who have a Hema and maybe also use your laptop at the same time, contact John at the following website. He's extremely helpful and was very patient with me pestering him"

Detecting West Australian Gold Forum Administrator. Apr 2016 - NAV CONVERSION