Tuition Feedback and Reviews


"...Today I met up with John for a day of tuition on how to prospect for alluvial gold. We drove to a spot John picked out for the day's teaching... straight away John's 30 plus years of gold prospecting just blew me away ...the depth of knowledge he has on finding gold is priceless !! ...John is a top bloke who knows his craft! I learned so much today and I am thankful for his professionalism and patience. I drove out of there happy to have gained more insight to my prospecting journey and some gold in my pocket too... Thanks John, you legend, look forward to catching up again in the future..."

Mark, Crestmead QLD, 07 Apr 2018

Mick practicing his newly learned Gold Panning Technique

"I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with John on a day's tuition in the hills of NSW, crevicing and panning. Wow what an informative and interesting day; the knowledge and experience that John has gained over the years, and passes on, is invaluable. I learnt so much, including how to read the creek bed and where to look so as not to be wasting time... "maximum gain for least amount of work" ... and then to see those nice pickers raise their heads in the corner of my pan just topped off a very enjoyable day. I would recommend John's tuition to anybody wanting to learn correct techniques to make their prospecting a much more enjoyable and productive experience... thanks again John, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mick, Kingaroy QLD, 28 Feb 2018


"after a year or so of detecting relics and very little gold with a GPX 5000, SDC 2300 and Garrett AT PRO, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a GPZ 7000 as I wanted every future swing of the detector to have the best chance of a golden prize. After a day on my own in the goldfield I managed to find a lot of lead and thought I had done OK, though I really needed a day of training to get up to speed on this capable machine... then by chance I stumbled upon John's Eureka Prospecting website. I had a quick browse and noticed he did training / tuition in the Warwick area, a quick message to him was followed up by a prompt reply and we had a day booked. The day started out with John talking about things I hadn't even really thought of before all directly related to detecting; his prior military teaching experience was evident as I easily understood the principles or variables that go with detecting. We then went through the GPZ 7000 functions and settings and he demonstrated how easily a small target can be overlooked he then tweaked some of the settings and immediately heard the difference. We spent the rest of the day locating targets and learning to tell the difference in tones. I left that day feeling confident in myself and the machine. I returned a week later to find a tiny 0.2g nugget at over 4 inches in char-coaled soil and later nailed a 2 grammer at over 8 inches in heavily raked and detected ground. Luck ?... maybe, but I utilized what I learned and came away with some colour... sweet, sweet colour. I would most definitely recommend John at Eureka Prospecting to teach anyone how to get the most from your Minelab machine. His experience is worth many times the cost of the tuition, I am very happy with the outcome of my investment.... "

Benny, Ipswich QLD, 20 Feb 2018


"Just had a fantastic half day training session with John for our GPZ 7000 and SDC 2300. He was thorough and very easy to understand. The training was relevant to our machines and it was obvious he is competent in all aspects of the equipment. Training is obviously his passion! He left us feeling confident & competent in the use of our equipment. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John to anybody, whether they be new prospectors or someone that has become frustrated and just wants to hone their skills. We really appreciate you making the time to help us achieve our goals, John. Worth every cent, your expertise is priceless. We hope to catch up again in the future and look forward to maybe even doing a Tagalong tour with you. Many thanks."

Tony & Penny, Booral QLD, 26 Jun 2017


"I was an absolute newbie at Gold panning. Having gained interest from the gold mining shows on TV I was intrigued to see how it was really done in out in the creeks, so I booked an advanced Gold Panning Lesson with Eureka Prospecting which is just 2 hrs north of Brisbane. I met up with John who took me to a creek that the Old Timers had previously worked... John showed me the technique and within 20 minutes I was able to practice 2 pans by using some cut up lead bits mixed with creek gravel. My 3rd pan I was able to use Johns "Paydirt" bag which produced my first ever result ???? Gold Gold Gold boo yeah ! So then John was able to walk and talk me through the creek explaining how gold travels and where it rests which was really interesting, we selected an area, picked up some dirt, washed and rinsed and panned some more. My final pan yielded a result which I was really happy with, and finished up the day with a billy tea and beautiful damper bread. Thanks to John for the history/physics/geology/technique lesson and demonstrating how to gold pan correctly, I now have a small degree of confidence with it and I'll be buying a gold panning kit, practicing lots and then venture out somewhere. Gold Fever is so catching when you see actual gold for the first time, beautiful stuff, highly recommend the experience. Kind regards ?

Tony, Brisbane QLD, 20 Apr 2016