FAQs - Paydirt Premium

Q. How do I get some PAYDIRTPREMIUM?
A. Go to the
PAYDIRT PREMIUM Page on our website here and when the Paypal "Buy it Now" link appears at the precise release time on the RELEASE DATE , click BUY NOW to order.

Q. How many bags are being released each time?
A. Usually 10 only, except for special releases.

Q. When will the BUY NOW BUTTON appear and go live?
A. At 7 pm AEST time on the RELEASE DATE listed on the PAYDIRT page.
(that's 6:30 pm for SA and 5 pm for WA)

Q. Is it first in first serve?
A. Yes. Each order is time stamped and will be processed in seq of the order time.

Q. Is there a limit of how many bags I can order?
A. Yes, a maximum of 1 bags per order

Q. Can I PRE-Order?
A. No

Q. What happens when all 10 bags are sold?
A. The BUY NOW BUTTON will be deactivated and replaced with a SOLD OUT message.

Q. How will I know if my purchase was successful?
A. You will have successfully completed the Paypal checkout process and will receive a receipt as a result.

Q. What payment options are there?
A. PayPal only.

Q. Why only 10 Bags?
A. Essentially because Stock is low and Demand is high. On many occasions in the past we have sold ALL our stock and have not had any available for months at a time. This is not good business practice. We want to be able to maintain some continuity of product availability, so we have restricted our sales to 10 bags per fortnight, which is better than none for 2 or 3 months.

Q. I can't find an order form on your website to get in line for some
A. You can't find a link because there is none for a wait-list. We no longer take Pre-Orders. To make it fair for everyone, we won't take orders outside of the release cycle. We release
PAYDIRT every 2 weeks, and announce each new release on our Website and FB page. Everyone gets an equal chance to get some.

Q. So what happens on the next release date and time, and what do I need to do to get some
A. On the next release date a Paypal BUY NOW button will GO LIVE on the
PAYDIRT PREMIUM Page at the exact time stipulated for the next release.

Q. Is there really over 3 times more gold in a PAYDIRT PREMIUM Bag than there is in a regular bag?

A. You bet there is. These bags, although more expensive, won't disappoint. We have worked hard to bring you Quality PAYDIRT with our regular bags which have earned immense amounts of positive feedback and repeat business. We stand by our product and are therefore more than confident that once word gets out, our PAYDIRT PREMIUM BAGS will sell themselves.

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