Gold Prospecting Tag-A-Longs
Western Australian Goldfields

G'day John here, the owner operator of EUREKA PROSPECTING. You may know me as AUSSIE BLOKE PROSPECTOR on YouTube. I have been prospecting for GOLD for well over 30 years. Find out more about me here.

Each year I head over to Western Australia for the Detecting season and because I have had many inquiries, for 2018 I will once again make myself available for Gold Prospecting Tag-A-Longs whilst there.

Last year we began taking "Expressions of Interest" for those interested in attending to one of our 2018 WA Gold Prospecting GROUP Tag-A-Longs.

We can now announce that, due to certain constraints, we will NOT be able to conduct GROUP Tag-A-Longs this year but
(see below)


Due to numbers, Group Tag-A-Longs cannot be facilitated via the 40E application process, so the only way to secure good ground for such group activities is to directly negotiate with mining companies and lease holders. Over the last 6 months, we have been in close consultation with several mining companies to secure good ground for the Group Tag-A-Longs and consequently, faced many hurdles resulting in our efforts being thwarted.

Unlike many other operators, who are happy to go "blindly" onto any available ground, we have a POLICY of taking people to "PROVEN GROUND" only; ground that we have PERSONALLY prospected and know well. We believe that paying customers should be afforded every opportunity to achieve success, and if we cannot secure proven ground that provides all the elements required to achieve such success, then we would rather not conduct the activities. To do so would be, not only unfair, but also unprofessional.


There is still an opportunity to prospect with us in 2018 for those who might consider a PRIVATE Tag-A-Long (max 2 people)

This is something we were not planning to offer this year, but due to the circumstances feel that we should now provide as an alternative option.

These can be negotiated individually with us.


Those considering this option should be aware UPFRONT that because these are PRIVATE activities (max 2 people), the general fee structure will be as follows:

1 person only - $350 per day, minimum 3 days

2 people - $250 per person per day, minimum 3 days

ALL applicants will be individually assessed on their suitability to attend such an activity. Essentially, these activities will take place in areas that we personally prospect and will therefore most likely be in remote locations. They may also be subject to successful 40E applications.

Whilst the fees are significantly more than that of the originally planned Group activities, please bare in mind the following:

- you will receive complimentary personal 1 on 1 tuition on the first day
(valued at $360)

- that you will receive personal 1 on 1 coaching for the whole duration of the activity

- you will prospect in proven locations that we "Personally" prospect

- you will have us all to yourself and a unique opportunity to benefit from, and draw upon, our 1000s of hours of experience on the WA fields

- whilst we can NEVER GUARANTEE anyone that they will find Gold, we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best opportunity to do so


We plan to conduct these PRIVATE Tag-A-Longs between May the 1st until June the 30th this year.

The activities will be held in the Murchison Goldfield in and around the Meekatharra area and may be conducted within a 300 km radius of the town in any direction.

The length of these activities can be negotiated and consequently, daily FEES may be flexible and adjustable depending on the duration of the activity
(subject to negotiation).


Following are general time-slots set aside for the conduct of our PRIVATE Tag-A-Longs
(first in first served for dates that suit)

1st – 5th May 2018 ,

7th – 11th May 2018 ,

14th – 18th May 2018 ,

21st – 25th May 2018

28th May – 1st June 2018 ,

4th – 8th June 2018 ,

11th – 15th June 2018 (reserved dates if needed)

18th – 22nd June 2018 (reserved dates if needed),

25th – 29th June 2018 (reserved dates if needed)


To attend one of our activities you will need to acknowledge that you understand that being a "Tag-A-Long" you need to provide your own:

- reliable and appropriately set-up transport / vehicle

- food, water and provisions

- PPE and activity related clothing

- sleeping gear

- camping gear

- prospecting equipment

- emergency, maintenance and recovery equipment

PRIOR to Payment you will need to provide the following:

WA Miners Right Number (see mandatory requirements below)

APLA Membership Number (see mandatory requirements below)

A signed copy of our Indemnity and Non-Disclosure Form
(which we will send you)


Full Payment is required 1 month prior to the activity, (no exceptions) and is ALSO required to initiate the 40E application process if applicable.

Payment will be NON-REFUNDABLE once the 40E application process has been initiated.


You will need to sign some paper work before the activity. This is a requirement, and for insurance purposes is mandatory prior to commencing.

You must hold a Western Australian Miners Right - available for $25 for life - To apply for a WA Miners Right CLICK HERE

You will also need to become a member of APLA. To find out more and to become a member CLICK HERE

Traveling to remote areas in WA is not something to be taken lightly and requires careful planning and preparation.

We have compiled a WA Prospecting Trip Checklist

and whilst it was compiled with a long duration trip to WA in mind (several months), much of it still applies to short duration trips to WA as well. In the past we have been asked by many people what to bring and what to carry in their vehicle etc.

Find our list here:


Gold Prospecting in the Western Australian Outback is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.