Traveling to Western Australia is not something to be taken lightly, and careful planning and preparation should be taken into consideration prior to embarking.

I often get asked what gear and equipment is needed for a trip to the Western Australian Goldfields and so I have compiled a list of essential items for a serious prospecting trip to WA.

Regards Aussie Bloke Prospector

Here is a list of ESSENTIALS when travelling out-back in WA.

A dual battery system on your vehicle
Minimum of two spare tyres and a tyre repair Kit
A 12V DC Air compressor
A vehicle mounted two way radio and a hand-held radio as well
Well stocked First Aid Kit
At least one GPS, preferably two
An emergency beacon (EPIRB) or a satellite phone as a minimum
A navigation system or hard-copy maps as a minimum
12V DC sockets hooked up to your vehicle for charging mobile phones and accessories
12V DC Inverter (200W)
At least 2 x 20LT Jerries of Fuel, preferably 4.

Plenty of Matches and lighters
A small 12V DC fridge
Butane Gas stove
Basic kitchen ware for food prep and eating ( inc Pots, Billys and cooking Pans)
A small camping table and a fold up chair
At least 200L of water for drinking
Additional water Jerrys for washing
A minimum of two weeks worth of food
Insect repellent is a must
Fly face nets are a good option
Both hot and cold weather clothing ( can often get below zero in winter )
At least two sleeping bags and an extra blanket
Wash basin and bush shower

A basic tool set
An axe, a shovel and a crow bar.
A generator with a 12V DC car battery charger
A 240V car battery charger
A 240V extension lead and a power board
At least one good tarpaulin and some good sturdy rope
A rechargeable torch
A good penknife or a multi-tool
A headlamp
12V DC Lighting ( recommend LED strips )
At least one solar panel minimum 180 Watts

This is not a complete list, but what I consider bare minimum essentials. If you can think of anything ESSENTIAL that we have missed, please contact us so we can add it to the list.