proudly sourced and packaged in Australia by
"Eureka Prospecting", Deepwater, NSW.

A special bag with a difference... Instead of our regular 200g bags, we've packed an awesome 4.5 KG of Paydirt into one bag and are calling it "PAYDIRT GRAND".

In lieu of the unavailability of our normal products, this will be a LIMITED product.

Somewhat differing from our regular PAYDIRT products, our "PAYDIRT GRAND" has been put together with MORE EMPHASIS ON GOLD and less on gemstones. While we don't specify the actual amount of Gold contained within each Bag, we can confidently say this; just like our other Paydirt Products, you won't be disappointed... because each bag will contain over 8 times the amount of Gold found in one of our PAYDIRT PREMIUM bags (Click here to see what you can typically expect to find in a PAYDIRT PREMIUM bag) ...that's well over 28 times the amount of Gold found in one of our regular PAYDIRT bags (Click here to see what you can typically find in one of our regular PAYDIRT bags).

With less emphasis on gemstone inclusion, we can't guarantee the same specific types found in our regular Paydirt products, but can confidently say that there is a presence of Gemstones throughout the material in varying quantity and sizes... Oh and BTW, just for fun anyway... we will probably randomly throw in the odd "big" Smokey Quartz Crystal and other such gemstone Specimens as an added bonus.

Just like our other extremely popular Paydirt Products, PAYDIRT GRAND contains Gold of all types, shapes and sizes including Extremely Fine Mustard Gold, Flake Gold, Coarse Gold, Pickers, Reef Gold, Specimen Gold and Alluvial Gold Nuggets; varying in size from tiny Specks, flakes and small Pickers, to Sub-Grammers, Grammers and even occasionally a Multi-Grammer (there was a limited amount of Multi-Grammers, so we were unable to put one in every bag); which all means... regardless of actual sizes, each bag contains multiple Pickers and Alluvial Gold Nuggets.

As with our other Paydirt Products, EVERY grain of Gold in PAYDIRT GRAND has been hand prospected by us from all over Australia... but as an ADDED BONUS we are excited to announce the MAJORITY of the Gold contained in PAYDIRT GRAND has been gathered from the Rich Goldfields of the Mighty Palmer River in Far North Queensland; and therefore contains some of the Purest (ave purity of 98%) and "Iconically Beautiful" native Australian Alluvial Gold on the continent.

Being a massive 4.5 KG of Material to work through, PAYDIRT GRAND will provide hours ... if not days (and if worked thoroughly as we suggest, excluding the use of a sluice or concentrator, most likely over a weeks worth) of enjoyment because, as with our other Paydirt Products, PAYDIRT GRAND contains a high proportion of heavy minerals and concentrates and will need to be processed several times. We recommend panning into a tub so as to recapture your Tailings... which will continue to yield the more they are worked. We also recommend running through your materials at least 4 times, even up to 10 times, because as we already know with our other Paydirt products, you will be surprised at just how much PAYDIRT GRAND will keep giving.

$1,295.00 per bag*

*may vary according to gold price

AUSTRALIA POST Shipping Options:

1 Bag - Regular Post ($15)
1 Bag - Express Post ($19)
1 Bag - Regular Post + Insurance ($48)
1 BAG - Express Post + Insurance ($52)
2 BAGS - Regular Post ($25)
2 BAGS - Express Post ($29)
2 BAGS - Regular Post + Insurance ($85)
2 BAGS - Express Post + Insurance ($89)

"I recently purchased some Paydirt Grand from Eureka Prospecting. The bag arrived within 2 days and I was really impressed with the service I received from John. Very Professional. The bag was amazing both in the quantity of gold and the variety of sizes. It was also quite challenging. I have included a photo of the gold I panned from the bag. Thank you once again John for a fabulous panning experience"

sent in by Mark of Mitchell, ACT 30 Nov 20


(while stock lasts)


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