Metal Detecting Tuition

Have you always wanted to know how to use a Metal Detector?
I can show you how.

G'day John here,

There are many people who think that once they get a detector, they'll find heaps of gold. I wish it were that easy. Don't get me wrong, occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, there will be a news report, or a rumour about a complete beginner who hires a detector and despite having no idea how to use it, they get lucky and find a big nugget. It does happen, but for the rest of us, we know it just 'aint that easy.

In reality, Detecting for gold is hard work. You have to have a lot of patience, and essentially be an eternal optimist. For the "average Joe", Some days you get some and most days you don't. For those who don't have the time to get out and do it all the time, its hard to tally up the experience required to become a proficient operator.

There is a saying in prospecting circles which goes something like this.... "95% of prospectors get 5% of the gold; the other 5% get 95% of the gold"... This is particularly true within the detecting world.

With constant upgrades in technology and the resulting introduction of some pretty complex machines, it can be not only costly, but also very
frustrating to keep up with the Joneses. The result is that a lot of detectors get used once or twice, and are shelved or hidden away in the cupboard and rarely see the light of day. Sadly, most detectors are misunderstood, and usually end up in the cupboard gathering dust or getting sold at a loss, and thus ends the dream of finding your very own Australian Gold Nugget.

The difference between the 5% who are proficient and the remaining 95% who are not, is the top 5% have determined to become a CRAFTSMAN
of their tools, whilst also maintaining a steadfast commitment to continually improve techniques and search methods.

Since leaving full-time Army, over the last 10 years I have traveled all over Australia and gained
literally thousands of hours of Metal Detecting experience. In that time I have completed 9 annual trips to Western Australia, some up to 5 months at a stretch. 2 of which, I was the West Australian Tour Guide for Golden Triangle Tours VIC. During that time and since, I have developed tried and tested search methods and techniques using the following Minelab machines:
  • the Minelab GPX4500
  • the Minelab GPX5000
  • the Minelab GPZ7000
  • the Minelab SDC2300
  • the Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Having a strong background in Military Instruction and being a qualified TAE Cert IV Trainer and Assesor, when you hire me, I give you professional, in-depth and detailed Tuition.

I will provide Step-by-Step instruction and coaching. I will demonstrate and impart. I will provide guidance, advice and continuous feedback.

I am located in the beautiful New England Tablelands of NSW - near Deepwater, and am able to offer lessons within the region. ALSO Being close to the QLD border, I am able to offer Tuition in the Talgai an Durikai Gold Fields near Warwick by appointment.

If the NSW New England Tablelands are too far away from your location but you still want Tuition, SEND ME A MESSAGE via the CONTACT US link or give me a ring on 0429026373 to see if I will be in a location near you this year. I frequently travel interstate and can provide Tuition along the way. Click here to see my 2020 WA and NT Itinerary


Rates per person - $450 (minimum 6 hours)

For Couples, Kids, and Small Groups (4 max),
please ask for Pricing as
discounts may apply.

* Additional fees to cover my traveling MAY apply depending on distances




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